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 Srok Khmer (lit. "Khmer land" or "Land of the Khmer"), a colloquial exonym used to refer to Cambodia by Cambodians; see

Khmer people, the ethnic group to which the great majority of Cambodians belong

Khmer Americans, Americans of Khmer (Cambodian) ancestry

Khmer Krom, Khmer people living in the Mekong Delta and Southeast Vietnam

Khmer Loeu, the Mon-Khmer highland tribes in Cambodia

Northern Khmer people, ethnic Khmer people of Northeast Thailand

Khmer (Unicode block), a block of Unicode characters of the Khmer script

Khmer architecture, the architecture of Cambodia

Khmer cuisine, the dominant cuisine in Cambodia

Khmer Empire, which ruled much of Indochina from the 9th to the 13th centuries

Khmer Issarak, anti-French, Khmer nationalist political movement formed in 1945

Khmer language, the language of the Khmers, also the official and national language of Cambodia

Khmer Khe dialect, a Khmeric language spoken in Stung Treng Province, Cambodia

Northern Khmer dialect, a dialect of the Khmer language spoken by the ethnic Khmers in Northeast Thailand

Western Khmer dialect, a dialect of the Khmer language spoken by the Khmers native to the Cardamom Mountains

Khmer nationalism, a form of nationalism founded in Cambodia

Khmer Republic, the official name of Cambodia from 1970 to 1975

Khmer Sâ (White Khmer), a pro-US force formed by the Khmer Republic's defence minister Sak Sutsakhan

Khmer script, the script used to write the Khmer and Khmer Loeu languages

Khmer Serei, anti-communist and anti-monarchist guerrilla force founded by Cambodian nationalist Son Ngoc Thanh

Political terms coined by Norodom Sihanouk based on the word 'Khmer':

Khmer Bleu, Sihanouk's domestic opponents on the right

Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian Communist political group and guerrilla movement

Khmer Việt Minh, Cambodian communists who lived in exile in North Vietnam after the 1954 Geneva Conference

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