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Sysinternals Suite is a set of useful and efficient tools for configuring, optimizing, testing, identifying, and troubleshooting Windows operating systems. This program has provided useful tools in its collection for almost any subject and issue in Windows. For example, there is a small tool for managing startup programs by which you can remove unused programs from the startup process. We have a very convenient and professional ProcessExplorer tool that can literally dissect running processes.

The capabilities that the default Windows Task Manager gives you are not even 10% of the capabilities of this program. This tool has various options for stopping or so-called Kill processes, which is not the same in the Windows Task Manager. Here you can see the consumption resources of each process including memory, processor, network (download / upload) and.. Processes are displayed in groups. For example, for the Chrome browser, each tab is considered as a separate process, this program displays all the processes related to Chrome in a tree view in parent and child mode.


Sometimes large installation files such as games, Visual Studio, Office and… in the middle of work work badly. In many cases, due to the blocked access process to the child process, the parent process is also on standby. In this case, using this tool, you can easily close or release the child process to continue the installation activity. This was just one of the applications of this tool. There are other advanced features, such as displaying the threads allocated to each process, the amount of processing and memory usage of each, the stack of Windows system methods, and many more that are mostly used by Windows professionals and developers.

This was just a brief reference to the capabilities of one of the tools in the Sysinternals Suite. Other tools include displaying and managing disks, managing Windows logs and events, checking blue screen errors, displaying system information, working with the registry, displaying Windows objects, working with hex files, process monitoring, displaying NTFS drive information, Windows file defragmentation tool , Start and stop Windows services and many other things that can not be explained in this space.

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