Product Description

Samsung Electronics is a world leader in advanced electronics technology and today announced that its next generation of data-enabled chip processors have begun production of a storage chip. Also on a large scale.

In fact, Samsung, a leader in memory and memory technology, is also the first company to release chips based on the latest technologies. Not to be wrong, Samsung is among the first brands to make storage chips such as UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1 and the latest generation UFS 3.0. Not only that, the tech giant has announced that it has started production of the 512 GB chip based on the new eUFS 3.1 standard from now on. On the other hand, the 512 GB eUFS 3.1 chip will have a read speed of 2100MB / s and write speeds of up to 1200MB / s, which is expected to be faster than write speeds. EUFS 3.0 version 3 times. In addition, the eUFS 3.1 will allow you to record 8K video recording on the top-end smartphones as it has faster read / write speeds than previous generations.

In addition, it looks like Samsung will be focusing on developing 128GB and 256GB of eUFS 3.1 chips in the coming months. So, in the future, we will definitely use a smart phone, a chip, a more powerful storage device, and a faster computing speed.