Product Description

There is a need to download or download files for almost anyone dealing with the Internet . Since it is golden time, it is definitely desirable to reduce this loading time. There are several software to speed up and manage download that IDM (acronym for Internet Download Manager) can be best described.

The way the IDM program and similar software works is that by increasing the number of concurrent connections or connections - by default 8 and up to 32 connections - it occupies almost all Internet bandwidth and speeds up the reception significantly.

Features and Features of Internet Download Manager Software:
- Stability in speed and thus reduce download errors

- Resume capability or continue downloading if interrupted for various reasons

- Advanced download queuing and scheduling

- Download videos online or online

- Manage file categorization and add, edit, and delete default program categorization

- Creating speed limit and download volume

- Backup and restore download list

- Supports most file sharing sites and can be downloaded directly and instantly

- Full synchronization with all popular browsers and most non-rooted browsers ( list of supported browsers )

- Farsi language

Conducted in the IDM series from here  is visible.

IDM Program Tips:
- This app is always provided with complete flaws and is tested and used by Donnelly.

- The Retail version is a purchased one and differs from the Trial version available at the manufacturer's site.

- Increasing the number of connections to over 16 connections may in some cases result in your IP being blacklisted by the file server.

- Resume or download capability is not available on all servers, even if the link is direct.

- To prevent downloading by this program, you can select a special key from the settings section or temporarily delete the desired file format from the Option-> File types section; this will also be useful for adding custom format.

required system
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10


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