Product Description

 A young female martial-arts champion, Cheng Tai-nun (Kara Hui) marries an elderly landowner so the old man can keep his estate from falling into the greedy and unscrupulous hands of his brother Yu Yung-Sheng (Wang Lung Wei). Tai-nun inherits his estate when he dies, and is soon in Canton, staying with her older nephew by marriage, Yu Cheng-chuan (Lau Kar Leung), and his son Yu Tao (Hsiao Ho). When the traditional and conservative Tai-nun, a woman from the provinces, runs into the modern and Westernized Yu Tao for the first time, the sparks fly and a clash of egos begins.

Their conflict eventually leads to Yu Tao inviting Tai-nun to a costume party in hopes of embarrassing her in public. When the two get into trouble and Cheng-chuan needs to bail them out, the evil brother takes this opportunity to steal the deed to the dead husband's estate. Tai-nun and Yu Tao reach out to their extended family and ask for their help to retrieve the deed back. Although the family members agree, it becomes apparent that Yu Cheng-chuan and his brothers may be too old to help.

Tai-nun and Yu Tao decide to go get the deed back themselves and work together to infiltrate the evil brother's estate. Although they fight bravely, they are eventually outnumbered. Tai-nun is held hostage while Yu Tao is able to escape. With the help of his father and uncles, Yu Tao is able to help Tai-nun and the deed is given back to its rightful owner.