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Country: Hong Kong Genre: erotica, fantasy Release year: 1997 Director: Lam Yi-Hung Cast: Diana Pan, Teresa Mack, Kyung Ga-Lin, Tsui Kam-Kon, Won Yat-Fei, Myu Kam-Fun Translation and voiceover: Victor Beregovykh Description: Inhabitants of Heaven have no right to descend to Earth for a long time, but one of the Fairy Rabbits of the Heavenly Ruler, tired of being constantly in the four walls of her garden, decides to escape. On earth, she even manages to get married, and when the heavenly messenger E catches up with her, she does not surrender to the mercy of her mistress, but runs away again. The Empress, not wanting to endure such behavior from some naked the rabbit logo, orders to kill her, and then the two girlfriends of the fugitive go after her to warn the girl of the impending danger.