Product Description

 I really enjoyed the first Erotic Ghost Story, and was hoping that they would top the sexiness and silliness with this sequel. Sadly, part two is a very disappointing film, with a narrative that is all over the place and a bevy of Asian actresses that are nowhere near as hot as those in the original (mind you, Amy Yip and Hitomi KudĂ´ are tough to beat).

I won't go into the details of the plot, largely because I found the minutiae difficult to follow, suffice to say that the the film is a pretty poor excuse for lots of softcore coupling, with Cat III favourite Anthony Wong as snarling sex demon Wu-tung (complete with Dee Snyder/Tina Turner wig, white bum fur, giant Gene Simmons shoulder pads and a phallic tail), who is offered up virginal beauties by scared villagers.

Of the trouser-stirring scenes, the hottest are definitely the prolonged lesbian frottage (which inexplicably takes place amidst lots of bubbles) and an underwater sex scene featuring the best of the babes, Chen (Chik King-Man). The rest of the film barely qualifies as so-so, although there are a few 'WTF?' moments along the way for those who enjoy Asian craziness: Wu-tung recharging in a giant conker shell; Chen acting like a cat for no apparent reason; a midget monk who turns into a fireball; a demon woman who likes to drip molten candle wax on her tits; and, if my eyes weren't deceiving me, what appears to be a man trying to screw a pig!

3.5 out of 10, rounded down to 3 for all of Wong's snarling (it REALLY gets on the nerves after a while) and all of that dreadful saxophone music.